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Some of my lecture topics

  • Kabbalah for Dummies: So What’s the Big Secret Anyway?

  • 20 Ideas from Kabbalah that Can Change Your Life

  • Who Says We Can’t Study Kabbalah? An Exploration of some Basic Ideas of Jewish Mystical Thought

  • From Generation to Generation: How to Trace Your Jewish Genealogy and Family History

  • Jewish Genealogy as a Spiritual Pilgrimage

  • Holocaust Research: How and Why To Locate Information About What Happened to Your Family During the Holocaust

  • Tracing Your Jewish Roots: A Workshop for Young People and Their Parents

  • “I Can’t Read Hebrew, I Never Went to a Yeshiva, But I want to Study Talmud” An Introduction to Talmud Study in English

  • “Brother Can You Spare a Dime?”: What Does Jewish Tradition Say About Giving Money to ‘Beggars’?

  • The Ten Greatest Books in Jewish History

  • Jewish Publishing in America: An Insider’s View

  • Searching for God in a Magic Shop

Places Where I Have Lectured (partial list)

Academic Institutions

Academy For Jewish Religion, NY, NY
Ohio State U. Melton Center for Jewish Studies
Stern College of YU

Adult Summer Camps

Block and Hexter
Camp Poyntelle, Poyntelle, PA
Elder Hostel, Isabella Freedman
Kislak, N.J. “Y” Camps, Lakewood, PA

Adult Education

Boston’s Jewish Young Adult Center
Brandeis-Bardin, California
Center for Jewish Culture, New Bedford, MA
Institute for Jewish Learning, Levittown, NY
Institute of Adult Jewish Studies, New York, NY
Jewish Marriage Experience, Valley Stream, NY
Jewish Young Adult Center, Brookline, MA
Limmud NY
Limmud LA
Midrasha Institute of Jewish Education, Morris County, NJ
Mosholu Montefiore Senior Center, Bronx Ave. Z
Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal
Workman’s Circle, East Meadow, NY

Bureaus of Jewish Education

Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York
Board of Jewish Education of Louisville, KY
Board of Jewish Education of North Jersey
Bureau of Jewish Education of Indianapolis, IN
Bureau of Jewish Education of Scottsdale, AZ
Central Agency for Jewish Education, Miami, FL
Commission for Jewish Education, Youngstown, OH
Jewish Educational Services of Bergen County, NJ
Phoenix Jewish Education Council


Hadassah of Great Neck, NY
Hadassah Brooklyn Region, NY
Hadassah Nassau Region of NY
Hadassah of Baltimore, MD
Hadassah of Chicago, IL
Hadassah of Hewlett – East Rockaway, NY
Hadassah of Paramus, NJ
Hadassah of Rockville Center, NY
Hadassah of Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Hadassah Upper West Region, Bloomington, MN
Hadassah of Raritan Valley, Highland Park, NJ


Case-Western Reserve, Cleveland, OH
Claremont College, Claremont, CA
Fairleigh Dickenson University
Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Syracuse University
Indiana University
Stony Brook University, Jewish Art Festival
Columbia University, NY (JACY)
Lehigh College
New York University Jewish Cultural Foundation
Rutgers University Alumni, New Brunswick, NY
Rutgers University Graduate Students
Rutgers University
Southeastern Massachusetts Universities Center for Jewish Culture
Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
U.C.L.A. Northridge, CA
University of Miami
University of Pennsylvania

Holocaust Remembrance

Children of Holocaust Survivors, Philadelphia, PA
Second Generation of Brooklyn (Temple Shalom)

Jewish Community Centers (J.C.C.)

J.C.C. of Bangor, ME
J.C.C. of Bayonne, NJ
J.C.C. of Bridgeport, CT
J.C.C. of Bridgewater, NJ
J.C.C. of Buffalo, NY
J.C.C. of Cherry Hill, NJ
J.C.C. of Columbus, OH
J.C.C. of Denver, CO
J.C.C. of Elmira, NY
J.C.C. of Englewood, NJ
J.C.C. of Flemington, Flemington, NJ
J.C.C. of Houston, TX
J.C.C. of Louisville, KY
J.C.C. of Memphis, TN
J.C.C. of Metropolitan Detroit
J.C.C. of Monmouth County, NJ
J.C.C. of Morristown, NJ
J.C.C. of New Haven, CT
J.C.C. of New Orleans, LA
J.C.C. of Paramus, NJ
J.C.C. of Roslyn, NY
J.C.C. of Schenectady, NY
J.C.C. of Scranton, PA
J.C.C. of Southern Maine
J.C.C. of St. Louis, MO
J.C.C. of Staten Island, NY
J.C.C. of Utica, NY
J.C.C. of West Hempstead, NY
J.C.C. of White Plains, NY
J.C.C. of Yonkers, NY
J.C.C. on the Palisades of Englewood, NJ

Jewish Communities

Jewish  Community of Elberon, NJ
Jewish Community of Amherst, MA
Jewish Community of Baton Rouge, LA
Jewish Community of Charleston, SC
Jewish Community of Corpus Christi, TX
Jewish Community of Deal, NJ
Jewish Community of Flint, MI
Jewish Community of Fort Wayne, IN
Jewish Community of Glenview, IL
Jewish Community of Greenberg, PA
Jewish Community of Hershey, PA
Jewish Community of Hollywood, Florida
Jewish Community of Kansas City, MO
Jewish Community of Lincoln, NE
Jewish Community of Little Rock, AR
Jewish Community of Madison, WI
Jewish Community of McKeesport, PA
Jewish Community of Milwaukee, WI
Jewish Community of Norfolk, VA
Jewish Community of Omaha, NE
Jewish Community of Orangeburg, NY
Jewish Community of Orlando, FL
Jewish Community of Palo Alto, CA
Jewish Community of Roanoke, VA
Jewish Community of Rockaway, NJ
Jewish Community of San Antonio, TX
Jewish Community of San Diego, CA
Jewish Community of Sarasota, FL
Jewish Community of Shreveport, PA
Jewish Community of St. Petersburg, FL
Jewish Community of Swarthmore, PA
Jewish Community of Utica, NY
Jewish Community of Worcester, MA
Jewish Community of Youngstown, OH
Jewish Community Relations Council of East Meadow

Jewish Educators Organizations

Jewish Educators Assembly
Long Island Temple Educators
Pittsburgh Mini CAGE
Professional Growth Day, East Brunswick, NJ
Westchester Association of Temple Educators, White Plains, NY

Jewish Federations

Jewish Community Federation , Palo Alto, CA
Jewish Community Federation of Metropolitan New Jersey
Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, VA
Jewish Federation Library, Omaha, NE
Jewish Federation of Baton Rogue, LA
Jewish Federation of Canton, OH
Jewish Federation of Clifton, NJ
Jewish Federation of Ft. Wayne Indiana
Jewish Federation of Greater Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jewish Federation of Greater Houston Singles Division
Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, TX
Jewish Federation of Greater Miami, FL
Jewish Federation of Greater Monmouth County, Deal Park, NJ
Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans, LA
Jewish Federation of Greater Norwalk, CT
Jewish Federation of Greater Orange County, Newburgh, NY
Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando, FL
Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix, AZ
Jewish Federation of Greensboro, NC
Jewish Federation of Greenwich, Greenwich, CT
Jewish Federation of Kansas City, MO
Jewish Federation of Miami, FL
Jewish Federation of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
Jewish Federation of North Jersey – Women’s Division
Jewish Federation of North Jersey, Wayne, NJ
Jewish Federation of Ocean County – Women’s Division
Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County
Jewish Federation of Palm Beach, FL – Women’s Division
Jewish Federation of Peoria, Il
Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh, McKeesport, PA
Jewish Federation of So. Orange, NJ – Women’s Division
Jewish Federation of Somerset, Somerset, NJ
Jewish Federation of South Broward, Hollywood, FL
Jewish Federation of Tulsa, OK
Jewish Federation of Waterbury, CT
Jewish Federation of Wichita, KS
Jewish Federation Young Leadership, Boca Raton, FL
Jewish Federation-Community Council of Southern Maine
Jewish Welfare Federation, Detroit, MI
Scranton-Lackawanna Jewish Council
Westmoreland Jewish Community Council, Greensburg, PA
U.J.A. Federation of New York/Leadership Development Division

Jewish Genealogical Societies

Jewish Genealogical Society of Bergen County
Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles, CA
Jewish Genealogical Society of Michigan
Jewish Genealogical Society of NJ
Jewish Genealogical Society of NY
Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto
Long Island Jewish Genealogical Society

Jewish Historical Societies

Center for Erie, PA Jewish History
Columbus Jewish Historical Society, Columbus, OH
Jewish Historical Society of Hartford, CT
Jewish Historical Society of Maryland
Jewish Historical Society of Minneapolis
Jewish Historical Society of New York
Jewish Historical Society of St. Paul, MN
Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Minneapolis, MN
Jewish Family Services, Columbus, OH

National Council of Jewish Women

National Council of Jewish Women, Long Island, NY
National Council of Jewish Women, NY, NY
National Council of Jewish Women, Rye, NY
National Council of Jewish Women, Spring Valley, NY
National Council of Jewish Women, Temple Sinai, Roslyn, NY
National Council of Jewish Women, Westchester, NY

National Jewish Organizations

Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal Kallot
American Jewish Historical Society, Waltham, MA
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, NY
Association of Jewish Book Publishers Palm Beach Federation
Association of Jewish Libraries, NY, NY
Brandeis University Women’s Committee
C.C.A.R. Convention
Council of Jewish Federations General Assembly, Atlanta, GA
General Assembly,  St. Louis, MO
Hadassah National Convention, Nashville, TN
International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, Wash, D.C.
J.W.B. Biennial
Jewish Museum, NY
Jewish Public Library, Montreal, Canada
Jewish Youth Directors Association
National Association of Temple Educators, Dallas, TX
National Committee on Leadership Development
National Council of Young Israel, NY, NY
National Havurah Conference
National Yiddish Book Center, Amherst, MA
Rabbinical Assembly
United Jewish Communities, NY, NY
Wexner Foundation, N.Y., NY
YIVO Institute

Public Libraries

Brooklyn Public Library, Kings Hwy/Ocean Av., Brooklyn, NY
District of Columbia Library Association
East Meadow Public Library
Graetz College Library, Philadelphia, PA


U.J.A. of Boca Raton, FL
U.J.A. of Chicago, Illinois
U.J.A. of Dallas, Texas
U.J.A. of Hartford, CT
U.J.A. of Jacksonville, FL
U.J.A. of Kansas City, MO
U.J.A. of Louisville, Kentucky
U.J.A. of Memphis
U.J.A. of Metropolitan Toronto
U.J.A. of Monmouth City
U.J.A. of Pittsburgh, PA
U.J.A. of Rockville, Maryland
U.J.A. of San Diego, CA
U.J.A. of Staten Island
U.J.A. of Washington Women’s Division
U.J.A. of Youngstown, OH


YM-YWHA of Rockland, New City, NY
YM-YWHA of Flushing, NY
YM-YWHA of Mid Westchester
YM-YWHA of Mid-Island
YM-YWHA of Morris – Sussex Counties
YM-YWHA of Northern Westchester, Mount Kisco, NY
YM-YWHA of Suffolk, Commack, NY
YM-YWHA of Westchester, NY