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Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz: “A concentrated deepening of one’s thoughts.”

Contemplation in general is not just a passing thought or momentary reflection on a particular subject.

Rather, it is a concentrated deepening of one’s thoughts.

The purpose of engaging in contemplation is to consciously create a clear, palpable image that will impact the most intimate, personal aspects of the soul; its experience of love and fear.

In and of itself, this topic that a person focuses on is universal, it is a notion that anyone can reflect upon.

However, arriving at a particular image specific to himself, which is neither uniform nor fixed, yet truly touches and connects with his soul, is possible only when he concentrates and deepens his thinking.

There is no uniform technique with regard to how and where to delve deeper in contemplation.

Each individual has his own approach in accordance with his nature, inclinations, and education.

The deepening of a thought in order to give it permanence and tangibility must be done over a period of time; a fleeting reflection is not enough.

The necessary contemplation, therefore, consists of two things: deepening the thought and extending its duration.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz