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Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz: “Each time I study Torah.”

The story is told of a hasidic Rebbe who was discussing a section of the Tosafot (a talmudic commentary) with one of his erudite hasidim, debating whether Tosafot had stated a particular point or not.

The learned hasid said: “I studied this only a few days ago, so I am confident that I am correct.”

The Rebbe replied: “I have not seen this topic in fifteen years, yet I am certain I am correct.”

After investigating the issue, it turned out that the Rebbe was in fact correct.

The surprised and disheartened hasid asked his master how he was able to recall the passage correct-ly.

The Rebbe answered: “Do you remember your wedding?”

“Certainly!” replied the hasid.

The Rebbe continued, “Do you re- member who escorted you down the aisle, who stood to your right, and what the bride wore?” “Of course!” said the hasid.

The Rebbe then said, “For me, each time I study Torah, it is a wedding!”

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz