Let My People Know

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz: “Wisdom can be found anywhere.”

“If someone tells you, ‘There is wisdom among the nations,’ believe it; ‘There is Torah among the nations,’ do not believe it” (Lamentations Rabba 2:13).

Wisdom can be found anywhere.

One can learn even from an animal – as it says, “Who teaches us by the beasts of the earth” (job 35:11) – and certainly one can learn wisdom from someone who is not a member of the covenant.

A person can be both a great mathematician and an adulterer, but it cannot be that someone who transgressed the laws that are found in Parashot Aharei Mot or Kedoshim is also a true Torah scholar.

Torah, which belongs to the kabbalistic category of “wisdom of holiness,” can be found only where there is holiness – and holiness does not go together with baseness.

The requirements of holiness are much stricter.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz