Let My People Know

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz: “A ‘hot line’ to God Himself.”

A great advantage enjoyed by the Jewish people is that the Almighty has not required us to resort to an intermediary.

In a certain sense, each of us has a “hot line” to God Himself which we can pick up and say – “You.”

Yet we must remember that this phone also rings in the other direction; He turns to us from time to time and asks – “What are you doing?”

This question was first directed to Adam – “Where are you?” (Genesis 2:9) and it goes on being asked to this very day.

This question is asked with added vehemence in a society that is not as united as it should be, and which breeds mistrust.

Such a society must once again ask, seek, demand, and rebuild anew from the small contribution of each individual.

Let everyone remove the dirt at his front door, and the entire street will be clean.

Let every one light the candle of his soul, and the land will be filled with light.

Let everyone take one step forward and upward, and we will shake the entire world.

–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz