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Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz: “The inner essence of Torah”

When we are engaged in Torah, we are generally involved with the tangible aspects of its holiness.
The inner essence of Torah is too much for us, so we suffice with that which concerns physical objects and comprehensible concepts.
All that is deeper, more inward, or esoteric may be gradually penetrated by the initiated, but for the most part it remains unexplored.
The Torah itself is a message to all men, however, and as such is concerned with this world.
The objects about which the Torah speaks, especially the Oral Torah, are objects of everyday life.
As for the Torah of the celestial spheres, as it is said, we do not have the contact with it.
This contact is out of the question because we are not a part of the higher worlds.
We must remember that the Divine Light in things is beyond our powers of perception.
Instead of seeing the Divine luminousness, we get consumed by the objects of the material world, the world of separation. 
–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz