Let My People Know

"The greatest of all miracles"

The Alter Rebbe always stressed what he calls "the permanent miracle of life." 

He constantly marvels over all these small miracles that make up reality rather than the miracles that change the law. 

God truly reveals Himself in these daily miracles. 

The greatest of all miracles, and the greatest source of wonder, is when men realize that daily life is a miracle. 

Creating the cherubs or the angels was easy for God, but creating a world that does not know it was created was prodigious. 

The real miracle is that the world lives only because God gives life to it, but God is the only One that the world does not see. 

This is a law of nature, as it is the law of history. 

What do men know and what do they remember? 

We remember great events in history and famous people who played a role in shaping them. 
We have completely forgotten the most important things in life and whom we have to thank for them. 

We do not remember the name of the person who invented the wheel. 

It is amazing. 

We do not know who invented the things that completely changed the history of humanity. 

This is why the most important, and the most amazing, thing created by God is nature. 

Just like all great inventions, we do not see it. 

–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
From The Seven Lights by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz