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"The world is more like a hologram"


The central feature of the framework of meditation on the Divine Unity is that the point of departure is not the world but God. 

One does not begin with the experience of the external world but with the experience of the Creator of the world, and the thought that there is "nothing else." 

The world has to be constantly recreated in order to exist, even though it seems to be the same all the time. 

Like the television screen on which the picture constantly changes, the world is only a means of transmitting forms or information; the source of reality lies elsewhere. 

As for what reality consists of, just as creation is supposed to be a process of making something from nothing, we may ask, do the letters or pictures on the screen exist? 

It is perhaps a matter of what is defined as real. 

If one defines reality as that which can be grasped, then the pictures on the screen, like the meaning of the words on the page, are questionable. 

They are open to constant recreation; forms are forever changing. 

The world is more like a hologram; everything depends on the direction of the light and, of course, on the very fact of light, without which there is nothing. 

The constant recreation of the world demands that we focus attention on the Creator. 

–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
From The Candle of God by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz