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"Nothing can occur without Him"



God's word activates and changes the world all the time.

At every moment there is a totally new state of affairs. 

Whether a microbe or a galaxy, all are equally part of this and are in the same proportion to Him. 

This means that God is close to us without ceasing; nothing can occur without Him. 

To be sure, it includes the bad as well as the good. 

For we need the flow of life in us even when we transgress. 

So that, on the other hand, there is God the Ein Sof, who gives life to all that is. 

In both cases we address Him with the same "Thou" or "You"— "You" is both the speaker and the speech, the Ten Utterances and the alphabet, Torah and world.

Clearly, a biblical expression such as "and God said" is not intended to show resemblance between human speech and Divine speech. 

What is meant is obviously another kind of analogy, and its purpose is to enable us to relate to God and to understand Scripture in a human fashion. 

Because basically what is being stated is that something has been communicated by God.

A certain knowledge or information has been transmitted down from one plane to another.

–Rabbi Adin  Steinsaltz

From The Sustaining Utterance by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz