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"The obstacles we face are not negative or evil"


The Book of Esther focuses on illusion and upending the seemingly inevitable. 

Esther herself is in disguise, hiding her true identity. 

Haman is hanged on the tree he prepares for Mordechai. 

And on the very day that Haman plans to massacre the Jews, they rise up instead in revenge on their enemies. 

The Almighty wanted to chastise the people for their misdeeds, and therefore He “masqueraded” Himself. 

It seemed as if a terrible disaster was coming, while within it was also the solution.

“Topsy-turvy” is an insight into how to live life. 

Questions should not be resolved from outside sources, but contain within themselves the root of their answers. 

The solution does not nullify the problem, but transforms it from negative to positive, from ignorance to knowledge, and from a source of pain to a solution.

The obstacles we face are not negative or evil; they are triggers for delving deeper into our challenges and rectifying them from within. 

They should not be avoided or evaded, but met face to face. 

The smallpox vaccine is made of a similar virus, injected into the body. 

The healing stems from the very root of the malady.

–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
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