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"The best way to get rid of darkness is simply to add light"


Man's task in the Garden had been simply to disseminate the Infinite Light, so that the holy sparks that had fallen were restored. 

That is, the original and preferable way to overcome evil was not to fight it but to provide a source of light. 

Instead of man's engaging in the painstaking process of sorting out the inimical, the holy sparks were drawn to the great fire and absorbed in it and what was left could not survive on its own.

As in daily life, there are two ways of sorting: One is to find and throw away the waste, the other is to select and aggrandize the edible. 

These are different processes halachically as well as in terms of their essence. 

The point is that the best way to get rid of darkness is simply to add light. 

The shadows vanish of themselves, and light can be shed on any subject, in any situation, by means of love. 

There is no need for struggle, contention, or confrontation. 

It is perhaps the way at the level of the Messiah, the way of peace and not war. 

It may be argued that there are two categories of Messiah, Messiah Ben Yosef and Messiah Ben David. 

But even then only the first carries out the final war.
While the second, Messiah Ben David, destroys evil, not by any action on his part, but simply by being there. 

"Being there" creates a situation in which evil cannot exist, it is nullified before Him. 

The world has to nullify itself before the Divine Light.
But we should be aware that this is a process that happens all the time, quietly and unobtrusively.

To be sure, there is often a need for the violent alternative, to struggle, which is the constant re-entry into the self, inward, to resolve the issue. 

But if a person, with all his mixture of good and evil, can love something truly, if his very heart goes out to it, he can nullify himself before it without struggle. 

There is a point of light to which men are inevitably attracted, to which they keep giving themselves. 

It is the nature of light to influence by creating a whole new situation. 

Such manner of influence attracts the sparks. 

There is no need for speech. The good is drawn to the source of light. 

This is the process of Eden, where man just cared for his Garden, unconcerned about what was happening anywhere else. 

–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
From In the Beginning by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz