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The main tenet of Hollywoodism can be summed up in one word"


What is the main point of the Hollywood religion? 

It is not sex. 

Although there is always a certain amount of sex mixed into the story, and very few Hollywood productions are completely devoid of anything sexual, sex is not the main tenet. 

As in many pagan religions, sex is one of the main rites. 

However, the Hollywood moral code dictates that this sex happen within a framework of love, even if it is a hollow image of love. 

Even in the more depraved productions, sex conveys at least some external, superficial resemblance to love. 

Anyone who has "clinical," purely loveless, sex is obviously the villain.

In any case, even when the sex is blatantly clear, it is not an aim in itself. 

Sex conveys the charm of the hero, or is the reward he receives for his success.

The main tenet of Hollywoodism can be summed up in one word: happiness. 

Happiness is the goal, the aim, the motivation for anything and everything. 

For some people, happiness may be sitting alone and looking at a tree, and for others it is hard work done well, but those are surely not examples of Hollywood-style happiness. 

Hollywood's definition of happiness is comfort. 

It is a this-worldly happiness, not a heavenly happiness or a feeling of supernal bliss. 

The material goods, the house, the lifestyle, the dress are the happy endings of strife and struggle. 

Success is defined materially, and achievement is defined as gaining more of that brand of worldly happiness. 

The motivation behind every Hollywood story is the pursuit of happiness—which is, of course, attained at the happy end.

–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
From Simple Words, p. 138, by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz