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"Most of the questions of the world are unsolvable within the framework of our own world"


Without getting to the fifth dimension you cannot solve any problem in this world. 

When I speak about problems of the world I am talking about all the basic questions, not just the theological and philosophical ones such as "What is the purpose of things?" "Why are we here?" or "What is the justification for the things we undergo and experience?" 

I am speaking of other more mundane questions as well. 

I don't believe, for example, that you can really resolve problems regarding economic justice or social equity from within any given "earthly" framework. 

This is because such frameworks are unable to assure their own success. 

You can show, for example, that there are many elements that will make even an egalitarian framework socially and economically problematic and which will lead to its collapse. 

So most of the questions of the world–economic, ecological, philosophical–come to an impasse and are unsolvable within the framework of our own world. 

This is because the world contains enough contradictions, enough destructive elements, so as to eliminate any possibility of a solution. 

The only way we can solve these questions is through movement into a higher dimension or world.

–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
From The Mystic as Philosopher – An Interview with Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, conducted by Sanford L. Drob and Harris Tilevitz for The Jewish Review.