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"Where will you be on November 7, 2010?"


                                                                                               Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz


Dear Friends,

Approximately 1000 years ago, Rabbi Shlomo Itzchaki (better known as Rashi) wrote his magnificent commentary on the Talmud. 

Without Rashi's commentary, the Talmud was almost impossible to navigate. 

Yet, even with Rashi's commentary, over the centuries the Talmud had
become a closed book to most Jews.

In our generation, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz has done something that has not 
been done since Rashi: 

Rabbi Steinsaltz has just completed a 45 year effort to offer the Jewish
people a new comprehensive commentary on the Talmud, enabling us to get 
involved in profound Talmud study once again.

Today, because of Rabbi Steinsaltz's work,the Talmud is available to all
who want to study.

If I were living 1000 years ago and I heard there was going to be a study
opportunity and a celebration honoring Rashi's great achievement, I would 
have wanted to be there.

In a few weeks, on Sunday, November 7, more than 250 Jewish communities 
around the world will participate in a Global Day of Jewish Learning, in 
honor of Rabbi Steinsaltz and his extraordinary gift to the Jewish people.

Where will you be on November 7, 2010?

Would you want to miss the opportunity to be part of this historic event?

To learn more and to find a location for November 7th near you, please go to:


Arthur Kurzweil