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"The Talmud has not yet been completed"


During the two millennia of the Talmud's existence, many thousands of sages have occupied themselves with talmudic literature, and the finest intellectual forces of the Jewish people have dedicated their lives with great perseverance to talmudic scholarship. 

It is not surprising therefore that the student sometimes feels that he can add nothing new, since every subject, every issue, every sentence has been pored over by great scholars and sages and discussed from every possible viewpoint. 

Nevertheless, the Talmud has not yet been completed. 

Every day, every hour, scholars find new subjects of study and new points of view.

Not every student is capable of constructing his own systems, but the individual, from his own peculiar and personal point of view, is still capable of seeing some detail, however small, in a new light.

–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz
From The Essential Talmud, p. 274, by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz