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"The world will become a transformed reality where nothing is hidden"


"In the last moments of Rabbi Schneur Zalman's life, as he was fleeing Napoleon and taking refuge in a cabin in an out-of-the-way Russian village called Pyena, he asked his grandson, "What do you see?"


His grandson replied, "I see the cabin, the wooden wall, the beam in the ceiling."


R. Schneur Zalman answered him, "And at this moment, I see only Divinity!"


A person who sees only divinity is no longer a participant in the game of the world.


For him, the world is no longer a world, for it no longer conceals divinity.


Even the greatest tzaddikim need at least the possibility of not seeing divinity directly.


That clear sight will consti­tute the reality of the end of days, when people will see that "This is our God!"


Then there will no longer be any meaning to concepts such as free will or eternal life.


The present structure will melt away and lose all its meaning, and the world will become a transformed reality where nothing is hidden."

 –Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

From Learning from the Tanya, p. 170, by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz