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"All of reality in all the worlds comes from one original thought"

"A passage in the Zohar says that with one thought were all the worlds created, and it is a matter of looking out and seeing to the end of all time in one survey.


That is, the worlds are not confined only to space.

All the generations of time are included.

All of reality in all the worlds comes from one original thought, the point concentrating past, present, and future.


Thereafter there is the breakdown into detail, into the specific things which make up the worlds in all their levels.


This idea can be likened to scanning a three-dimensional object overall from a distance and then, only as one enters into it can one recognize details and measure the length,breadth, and height.


At first there is the one all-inclusive survey of the whole.


Afterward details become apparent.


In fact, the closer one gets to the lower levels, the more particulars become available.


And if we could conceive the notion of regarding a four-dimensional world, with time as the additional dimension, then we could have some idea of what is meant by the single thought that created the universe."


–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz


From In the Beginning by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz