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"The duty of humanity is to be partners of God""

“When it comes to technology, Judaism is all for progress.

Most other religions tend to view progress with suspicion, even hatred, as well as a real desire to destroy.

Whereas Judaism, even in earliest times, saw innovation as important and chronicled it.

In the opening chapters of Genesis, the inventors of musical instruments and weapons are mentioned.

While we were aware that some inventions might be dangerous, progress was always considered to be positive.

This attitude, which has helped us remain a young people, is based on Judaism’s profound faith in man.

We believe that the duty of humanity is to be partners of God – which means, among other things, being creative.
Creativity, then, is a basic component of our belief, of our desire to improve the world. “

-Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

From “The Paganization of Western Culture” by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz