Let My People Know

"I cannot mix in the company of such knowers"

Sixty years ago the the modern state of Israel declared its independence. This week, on Thursday, Jews throughout the world will be celebrating this extraordinary anniversary.

On this occasion, throughout the week, I’ll be reviewing many of the things Rabbi Steinsaltz has written about Israel over the years, beginning with the following:

“People are worried about what is happening in the State of Israel, about what is going to happen to the Jews living East of the former Green Line.

Of course, everyone — rabbis, generals, politicians — knows the answers.

They are not the same answers, but everyone knows exactly what will happen in one, two, ten years from now.

I cannot mix in the company of such knowers.

And also, I am far more worried about what is happening on the Western side of the Green Line.”

–Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

from a speech delivered at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on Chol HaMoed PesachApril 7, 1996