Discovering the Secrets of the Talmud


Arthur Kurzweil and Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

Why did our ancestors devote a lifetime to studying the Talmud? It is because the Talmud contains wisdom and insight on every topic imaginable. Arthur Kurzweil has earned a reputation as a master teacher who can inspire the novice and the experienced student to discover the wonders of the Talmud. Study with Arthur Kurzweil for a quintessential Jewish learning experience. Absolutely no prior Talmud study required.


"I Can't Read Hebrew, I Never Went to a Yeshiva, But I want to Study Talmud" An Introduction to Talmud Study in English

There is a good reason why our ancestors live and died for the Talmud: it is an amazing, inspiring, unique religious document that seems to contain profound discussions on just about every aspect of life. Now, due to the extraordinary edition of the Talmud created by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, adults and young adults, with little or no background, can enter into the world of the Talmud and participate in its study. In this humorous, quick-paced, eye-opening presentation, Arthur Kurzweil invites you to be part of this quintessential Jewish learning experience.

"Brother Can You Spare a Dime?”

What Does Jewish Tradition Say About Giving Money to 'Beggars'?

What are our attitudes toward people who ask us for money on the street? What do the great sages of Jewish tradition say on the subject? The ancient sources come alive as they shed light on this most contemporary topic. Arthur Kurzweil explores both modern-day issues and traditional Jewish sources in this captivating discussion of the importance and value of the study of Jewish texts.



The Ten Greatest Books in Jewish History

While there is no universal agreement on the question of the ten greatest books in Jewish history, Arthur Kurzweil has his opinion. Through his training as a librarian and his 25 year career in the world of Jewish books, Arthur makes his case, shares excerpts and ideas from each of his ten selections, and celebrates books and the People of the Book.

Jewish Publishing in America: An Insider's View

For 25 years, Arthur Kurzweil has worked professionally in the world of Jewish publishing in America. As a publisher, editor, writer, and literary agent, Arthur has seen it all and knows the inside story. A former president of the Jewish Book Council, editor in chief of the Jewish Book Club, and for 17 years the publisher of the largest Jewish publishing house in the United States, Arthur Kurzweil has the experience and perspective to offer a lively, eye-opening, often surprising view of the world of Jewish books.