Understanding Kabbalah

Arthur Kurzweil is the author of Kabbalah for Dummies

Arthur Kurzweil is the author of Kabbalah for Dummies

Who Says We Can't Study Kabbalah?

An Exploration of some Basic Ideas

of Jewish Mystical Thought

What is the meaning and purpose of life? Why did God make a world with so much suffering? What is the right way to live? What happens after death? How do we believe in a God we cannot, by definition, conceive of? These deep and important questions are explored, in depth, in the teachings of Kabbalah. Using the important works of kabbalah written by the renowned Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, Arthur Kurzweil offers a moving, funny and deadly serious discussion of some of the most profound ideas in all of Jewish life.


20 Ideas from Kabbalah that Can Change Your Life

In this fast paced presentation, Arthur Kurzweil teaches 20 of the most profound ideas found in Kabbalistic tradition. Any one of these ideas can change a person’s life. Reviewing all 20 lessons in one hour results in a mind-blowing intellectual and spiritual experience that will stimulate your mind and nourish your soul.

Kabbalah for Dummies: So What’s the Big Secret Anyway?

Kabbalah is a deep and life-long field of study. But you can understand the history of Kabbalah, its most important books, personalities, and its basic ideas, without any previous knowledge of the subject. In this humorous and eye-opening presentation, Arthur Kurzweil discusses his book Kabbalah for Dummies and teaches you the answer to the questions like “What is Kabbalah?” “Why is it considered to be a secret?” “Why is it said that it is not permissible for everyone to study Kabbalah?” and “Where can a person learn more about Kabbalah?”