Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz: “Jeremiah was not a rabbi, nor a TV reporter”


Rabbi Steinsaltz writes:

Jeremiah spoke after the great Downfall.

He went through it all.

He knew all there was to know about Israel, and he was not a rabbi, nor a TV reporter.

He was a prophet.

And with this authority of a prophet, he says very harsh things, chastises people, and makes prophesies.

Yet there is one thing that neither he, nor any other prophet, ever does.

He does not, for a single moment, give up on the existence of the Jewish people – including those parts of the nation that he opposes, that he preaches to, that he admonishes.

He can call them “a band of drunkards, adulterers, and liars” (e.g., Jeremiah 9:1); but he never, never, gives up on them. 

From “Is Ephraim a Dear Son to Me?” in A Dear Son to Me by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

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